RARA tour by Land

About Rara Lake:

Rara Lake lies in the in the lap of Himalaya in Nepal at an altitude of 2,990 m (8910 ft.) above sea level.  The depth of the lake is 165 m. and it is expanded in the length of 5.1 K.m and in the width of 2.5 Km. . The source to the lakes water is from the Mugu Karnali River, it drains out the Nijar River.  Rara Lake is within the Rara National Park.

Rara has been fascinating many visitors since decades due to lack of convenient road and transportation only very few people have made it to the Rara Lake till the date. The journey to Rara in the past was possible only by taking flights to Jumla from Kathmandu or nearer Nepalgunj.  One can set the mind to have smooth road journey to reach Rara Lake.  The Journey to Rara Lake itself is a learning for the visitors in terms of varied culture and social norms.  Upon starting the journey one might start thinking that how people make it to live in this type of place.  Situated in high altitude, you can find the lake surrounded by pine, spruce and juniper forest. The view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks enhance the attraction.

Rara is in Mugu district where one can find 500 varieties of flowers, 20 different species of animals and 214 different kind of birds, which might not be possible to cover see with in few days.   Rara is such a destination which should be visited more often and suites the proverb once is not enough.

Homestay logistic facility can be one of the option to overnight around Rara Lake otherwise tented camp and few hotels which have opened up these days to facilitate the visitors.

Boating, Photographic tour, bicycling tour short hike to Murma Hill offers the view of more than 12 district of Nepal as well as Tibetan platue.

The nearest doorway to Rara is through Nepalgunj, the distance from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj is 523 K.m., which can be covered with in one day of drive.

RARA tour by land Itinerary:

1. Early morning 05:30 drive from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj Overnight at Nepalgunj Kohalpur
2. Morning after B/F Drive to Kalikot Overnight at Manma Kalikot.
3. Morning after B/F drive to Rara Lake Overnight at Rara Lake Hotel
4. Explore Rara Lake then evening time back to Talcha airport or stay at Rara Lake
5. After B/ F then drive back to Jumla Overnight at Jumla khalanga bazar or heading to kalikot
6. After B/F drive to Nepalgunj Overnight at Nepalgunj
7. After B/F drive back to Kathmandu

Why Visit Rara?Karnali is one of the backward district in Nepal.   Tourism is one of the major factor that can be a turning point for boosting the economy of any area. We strongly believe that we are the change for anything in the society.  In future the population of Karnali should not have to starve for pennies, our main motive to organize this event is to make people of Surkhet, Mugu-Karnali to be self-dependent and learn how they can earn when they serve hospitality.  Almost untouched area in terms of tourism, we through this program expect to increase the sustainable tourism and expand the area of the people’ s income option.

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RARA tour by Land