Mera Peak

18 Days

Mera peak lies to the south of Everest and to the north-east of the airstrip at Lukla is one of the most popular “Trekking Peaks” in Nepal in the Mahalangur section, Barun sub-section of the Himalaya and administratively in Nepal’s Sagarmatha (Everest) Zone. Measuring 6654 m. high and it is classified as a trekking peak, On the surge of climbing Mera peak we also experience the memorable and truly amazing trekking experience offering superb scenery and abundant wildlife, During the trip we can have the compelling view of 5 highest mountain out of 6. Upon reaching the summit of Mera Peak we will have that magical view of Mount Everest. Although Mera Peak is highest of the trekking peak, it doesn’t require special technical skills however its high altitude must be respected and therefore acclimatization must be done at the recommended pace ideally reaching the summit 12 days after leaving Lukla. Mera Peak is second only Island Peak (6,173 m.) in popularity, and both Peak have been the practice companion for many expeditionary team who wish to summit Everest. For those who would like to gain the climbing experience above 6400 meter, Mera Peak is one of the best peak that one should give a try to climb.

We begin our journey with an early morning flight to Lukla from Kathmandu and once we land in Lukla then we begin to trace a different route than the normal route to Everest Base Camp. Besides having good physical strength and some technical knowledge, the key factor for any trip in the high Himalaya is to acclimatize, therefore we have spare few days for that purpose where your body gets used to the height and we can successfully make it to the summit.

Sen Tenzing and Jimmy Roberts made the first successful ascent to the summit of Mera Peak on 20 May 1953. The route that they used is still the standard route. Mera has 3 summits and the highest one is our priority. The easier one attempted by most groups is accessed by taking a higher line to the eastern summit with its steep last 20 m or so. The true summit can either be reached by a drop and traverse, beyond many people by this stage or by initially taking a more westerly lower line out of the high camp for a steep haul to the true summit.

2 -5 Pax USD3000
6 – 10 Pax USD 2850
10 – 15 Pax USD 2750
16 – 20 Pax USD 2650
Single supplement USD

Basic Trip Info

  • deluxe + basic lodges as per available
  • Kathmandu
  • Spring & Autumn
  • flight and Private vehicle
  • only to Service staff, self travel insurance is required.
  • You can book the trek as per your required date.


Despite being the highest of the trekking peaks, Mera Peak does not require special technical skills. However, its high altitude must be respected, and proper acclimatization is crucial. The recommended pace involves reaching the summit approximately 12 days after departing from Lukla. Mera Peak is second in popularity only to Island Peak (6,173 m.) and serves as a practice companion for many expeditionary teams aiming to summit Everest. For those seeking climbing experience above 6,400 meters, Mera Peak is an excellent choice.

Mera Peak Highlights

  • Mera Peak is one of the most popular "Trekking Peaks" in Nepal.
  • It offers a memorable trekking experience with stunning scenery and abundant wildlife.
  • The summit provides a magical view of Mount Everest and five of the highest mountains.
  • While Mera Peak is the highest of the trekking peaks, it does not require special technical skills.
  • Proper acclimatization is crucial due to the high altitude.
  • Mera Peak has three summits, with the highest one being the primary objective.


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Mera Peak