About International Adventures Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.

International Adventures Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. is a travel tourism company which is approved by ministry of tourism and culture and issued as one of the best and top trekking company in Nepal, International Adventures Treks has established itself as the leading providers of luxury escorted tours, custom vacations, and private trips in Tibet, Bhutan , India,  Sikkim and Darjeeling to more than dozens of destination challenging you physically and mentally, stretching your limit and amplifying your view of a country as our company focus on trekking the travelers off the beaten track to diverse destination with so many unique and affordable trips.

Since its establishment in 1996 as locally owned and managed, International Adventures Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. has earned reputation and recognition for continuous contribution and dedication to the Nepalese tourism industry with our most active, young, energetic and experienced professionals and has emerged out as the best professional Nepal tour operator with the depth experience of Trekking and excellent record of trekking satisfaction.

The company is proud to announce as an active and approved Nepal Trekking Agency by Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation as well as Recognized by Ministry of Industry. The company has been the active member of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Department Of cottage & Small scale Industries, Nepal Rastra Bank for foreign currency acceptance.  We are officially affiliated with Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) & Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA), We are equally environmental conscious & committed to preserve wildlife, greenery, local environment and cultures.

Ensuring  your trip to  be one of the unforgettable memories of your lifetime, our professional and well-trained staff will surely enhance to take you to most interesting and exciting places of culture and natural wonders, discover the planet’s fantastic diversity of landscapes and wildlife in new and immersive ways and enabling you to experience high adventures set of portfolio of overland tours, treks, walks, and expeditionary voyages to the world’s most astonishing places, ranging from journeys in Nepal Tibet and India with the in-depth itineraries designed to explore the soul of a region through behind-the-scenes access to places and experiences.

Not only offering you the best adventurous travel and trekking services, we are totally dedicated towards your safety, pleasure and making your holiday as memorable, luxurious and enjoyable as possible and coincide all of your needs by designing a clearly personalized and excellent itinerary with custom design trips to meet your specific budget and priorities in mind.

After these many years of services and experiences, we are well pleased to extend our diverse forms of trekking services yearning to go deep into the back roads of a country for an incredible journey beyond travel that includes hiking, climbing, jungle safari, rafting, cycling, mountaineering, scenic & cultural tours, wilderness expeditions, helicopter rescue, bird watching, family adventures or group holidays in Nepal, India and Tibet

Trekking not only pushes you beyond your boundaries but also shows you the raw and rugged beauty of the back country and our teams of professional and highly trained staff persuade you the best adventure and the best views of the scenery to make your trip remarkable. Our guides are excellently trained by Tourism Board (NTB) and certified to work in the most remote corners of Nepal.

Rest assured for your upcoming trip to Nepal; we are the most professional, efficient, trusted and valuable trekking arm to arrange tours accordingly to your schedule and comfort as our friendly and highly trained guides convey themselves on your promises over time.

“The moment your leg begins to move in the wild, your thought begins to flow.”

We do organize tented trekking as well. 


Trained Trek Guides & Sherpas:

Our treks are managed by a team of professionally trained trek guide (Sirdar), Cook & Sherpas. Our Sirdar and trek crew are ever committed to providing a safe and enjoyable trekking holiday to all our valued clients.

High Quality Camping Equipment

All our camping-treks are outfitted with the highest quality equipment available. Comfortable two-men waterproof tents, sleeping bags (a good idea to bring own), cotton inner-sheet, thermal rest self inflating mattress, foam dining tent with camp chairs & tables and a toilet tent are standard equipment on all our camping holidays. We recommend participants to bring their personal items along, such as:

Environment Friendly:
Kerosene  or LPG. Fuel For Cooking

It’s our responsibility to minimize our impact. Deforestation is Nepal’s greatest environment problem. We use kerosene or Liquified Petrolium Gas as an alternative to wood on all camping treks. We do not have campfires, and we strongly discourage trekkers from buying wood-fueled hot showers in lodges along the trail.

Correct disposal of Rubbish

We recommend that each trekker keep a small plastic bag in their day pack to collect personal rubbish on the trail & in camp such as film covers, chocolate wrappers etc; Our trail staffs are trained for correct disposal of waste. Each morning a small fire will be made for burnable rubbish. Any non-burnable or non-biodegradable like batteries & plastic bottles should be taken back to Kathmandu.

Health Conscious:

Hygienic food & Water preparation

Meals are prepared by cooks who are well-trained in modern cooking hygiene. Special care is taken to serve boiled drinking water every morning and evening on trail to ensure that our clients stay healthy.

Staff Insurance

Our trek guides and cooks employed by us are protected by a general insurance coverage. They are provided with warm clothing and proper shelter on all high altitude treks. All our treks are designed to benefit the local village economies by using local services (manpower, produce, lodges & other services).

The view seen from Gokyo Ri during Everest Base Camp lodge trek