Kanchenjung Yalung Glacier (Lodge Trek)

Kanchenjung Yalung Glacier (Lodge Trek)

25 Days Kanchenjung Yalung Glacier (Lodge Trek)

 If you have an adventurous spirit then this is the trek for you on the slopes of the world’s third-highest mountain (8586M) & to Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

Kanchenjunga the world’s third-highest mountain is belived to be the abode of the Gods. One of the unique mountain that shares its base with Nepal and Sikkim, India, with three of the five peaks (Main, Central, and South) directly on the border, and the other two peaks West and Kangbachen located within Taplejung District in Nepal. A tiny part of it also touches Bhutan.

Varied flora and Fauna, Kanchanjunga undobutly one of the most beautiful mountain in the world. Because of the high rainfall during summer around the base camp variety of plants nourishes, mainly the himalayan flower plants. Snow leopard and red Panda can be sighted in the region . Apart from this the blue ship and Assamese Macaque can also be found in the area. This uniqueness in the nature of Kanchenjung is preserved declaring the area a conservation zone. The area is also home to several castes, including the Rai and Limbu ethnic groups.

Our trek actually commence from an altitude of 2200 m. reaching the height of 3000 m. for half week. We are going on diverese trail, high ridges, steep gorges and across extensive pasture land. The trail to Kanchenjunga is one of the diverese and filled with amazing journey. We trek following the bank of raging rivers, Tamur and Ghunsa Rivers, We ofcourse get closer to the sources of these rivers. The trail then brings to the Sherpa village of Ghunsa high into the mountainious hills.

It was in the year 1950 when the base camp was opened from Nepal approach, it took several years to become the commercial trekking destination, which is after 1988.

Most of the trekkers are in search of peace of mind, though it may be for a month, week, day or for a slight moment, Kanchenjunga Yalung glacier trek is one of the best trek to quinch your thirst to the peace of mind. The trail from Ghunsa winds up and takes us to Kanchenjunga and on to Kanchenjunga Glacier.  Despite the adventures trail situation, the awe feeling standing at the base of the glacier, the unparalleled views of the enormous mountains that surround us everywhere. While you go through these mesmerizing feeling you may feel other things are immaterial in this world, all that matters is peace within, the feeling that you get inside your heart and mind. The peaks surrounding you are Pyramid Peak, the Twins – Jannu and Kanchenjunga, will leave you spell-bound. There are also several other 6000m. plus peaks that seems less awesome because of their proximity to the more dominant higher peaks of Kanchenjunga.

Leaving the Kanchenjunga glacier we head back to Ghunsa and over a period of three days cross three mountain passes before arriving at Tseram Village, the beginning of the Yalung Glacier. We then make our way to Southern Kanchenjunga Base Camp where the first mountaineers began their climb to the summit of Kanchenjunga.

The trail from Yalung Glacier (the face of the glacier is 300m high) passes through valleys and across icy ridges until eventually reaching the gorges that take us to Tharpu. Due to its remoteness, there are fewer tourists and more solitude. The maximum altitude we reach on the trek is 5143m at the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. From the beginning to the end of this trek you will experience a vast variety of landscapes, from following the raging torrents of the Tamur and Ghunsa rivers to the high altitude regions of glaciers and Kanchenjunga Base Camp. The memories of this wonderful journey will stay with you for a lifetime.


Day 1
Arrival in Kathmandu Airport

Upon your arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, our company representative picks you up and transfers you to the hotel. Overnight at a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 2
Full day sightseeing of Kathmandu valley on the same side we will process the necessary permit for the clients.

Day 3
Flight Kathmandu to Bhadrapur — Drive to Ilam

We drive from Hotel to airport to catch early flight to Bhadrapur.   After we land in Bhadrapur we take a jeep ride to Ilam (not to expect luxurious),   Ilam is the largest tea producer of Nepal and the oldest plantation area.  It is one of the touristic hub both for national and International tourists.  Overnight hotel in Ilam

Day 4
Drive from Ilam to Taplejung (6 - 7 hours)

One more drive to Taplejung before we begin our trek,  we take a jeep ride  along the beautiful countryside, we pass through Phidim to reach Limbu village of Taplejung. Overnight in Taplejung.

Day 5
Trek from Taplejung to Mitlung (921 m) 5-6 hours

Today we leave behind the driving and start our trek,  our route today passes through lush mid hills and several villages with traditional mud-brick houses. We also come across rice paddies, terraced farm fields, and cardamom farms. We then continue to trek following the Tamor River to reach Mitlung. Overnight in Mitlung.

Day 6
Day 6: Trek from Mitlung to Chiruwa (1270 m) 5-6 hours

As we trek further more we find several clan and culture living in peace and harmony,the Limbu and Tamang villages of Sinwa, Tawa, and Porke gives us the feeling of mixed cultured people. On our way we will cross the landslide debris and boulder, and strewn river deposits, before descending to Thiwa Khola. We then cross a wooden bridge to reach Chiruwa. Overnight in Chiruwa.

Day 7
Trek from Chiruwa to Sukathum (1585 m) 5 hours (Special Permit checkpoint starts)

Our trek today takes us through the villages of Taplethok, Tamewa, Hellok, and Lelep, we move alongside Tamor river and descend towards Simbu Khola, which is originated from the Yalung Glacier. Further we trek through steep and narrow Ghunsa Khola valley then we arrive in Sukathum. Overnight in Sukathum.

Day 8
Trek from Sukathum to Amjilosa (2935 m) 6½ hours

Following the Ghunsa Khola, we ascend uphill on exposed terrain.  The amazing landscape makes our day, we cross several bridge over the Ghunsa Khola before we reach the beautiful Tibetan village of Amjilosa. Amjilosa. Overnight in Amjilosa.

Day 9
Trek from Amjilosa to Gyabla (2730 m) 5-6 hours

Our trek today is through forested trail filled with rhododendrons and bamboos, before ascending to Gyabla. We also come across a big waterfall on the opposite side of the river on our way to Gyabla. Making a steep ascend and then a descent, we arrive in Gyabla. Overnight in Gyabla.

Day 10
Trek from Gyabla to Ghunsa (3427 m) 5-6 hours

We trek towards Ghunasa thorugh a broad meadow leaving behind the beautiful Gyabla Village.  We climb a small hill and descend, after crossing the river we arrive in another Tibetan style village in Ghunsa where we find the wooden houses, a micro hydropower plant ( Nepal now a days is really improving in hydropower reliability) , a health post & a school. Overnight in Ghunsa.

Day 11
Trek from Ghunsa to Khangpachen (4050 m) 7 hours

Our trek today lead us the forested path along the south bank of Ghunsa Khola and passing several Maani walls and Chortens along the way. We trek though scree slopes and glacial moraines to reach another beautiful settlement of Khanpachen, from here we can get the mesmerizing view of Jannu (7710m.) north face.. Overnight in Khangpachen.

Day 12
Rest day in Khangpachen to explore the culture and site of Limbus sacred religious place.

Day 13
Trek from Khangpachen to Lhonak (4780 m) 7 hours

Trek from Khangpachen to Lhonak (4780 m) 7 hours
Today we follow the trail on the left side of Kanchenjunga Glacier.  We walk along a high hill to reach Lhonak.  The view that we witness is really a breathtaking of fewer mountain peaks like Wegde Peak (6802m), Mera Peak (6364m), Nepal Peak (7177m), Twins (7350m), and many others. Overnight in Lhonak.

Day 14
Trek from Lhonak to Kanchenjunga Base Camp (5143 m) 4½ hours

Our trek is along the glaciers on the northern ridges today.  This camp is also popular as Pang Pema, the view of Kanchenjunga (8586) is simply a breathtaking one along the skyline filled with snow-capped mountain ranges bordering Nepal-India and Nepal-Tibet. Overnight in Kanchenjunga Base Camp.

Day 15
Trek from KBC to Tsele La base Camp  (4200 m) 8 hours

Today we trek to the base camp of Tsele la, the lodges are very basic which opens during the trekking season only,  so before we head to Tsele La base camp let your guide gather the information and decide whether to continue or return back the same route.  Overnight Tsele La base camp.

Day 16
Trek from Tsele La Base  Camp - Tseram (3870 m) 4 -5 Hours

Today we have to cross three passes; Sinion La (4,440m), Mirgin La (4,480m) & Sinelapche Bhanjyang (4,646m) to get in Cheram/Tseram. But it is that much difficult pass if weather is good. You already crossed one pass at previous day, then we will continue towards the next pass today. The views of Jannu from here are as good as any available, together with Makalu, the long ridge of Chamlang and even a glimpse of Everest. You will get in Cheram after 4 to 5 hours walking. Stay overnight at tea house.

Day 17
Trek from Tseram to Ramche (4580 m) 7 - 8 hours

The trail heading beautiful forest of pines and rhododendrons with a small clear stream, climb and cross a large loose culvert and climb again into the seasonal yak Kharka (pasture) at Yalung (4100m). We can also find an ancient monastery named Decherol Monastery; Which is to be believed, it was built by 6 monks, but there is no trace of it, even then the mouth to mouth stories has something to tell about the shrines.  Along the trail we pass by beautiful open valleys where we can witness juniper, cinnamon, rhododendrons and moraines and lakes with the Kabrus, Rathong and Kokthang. One has to be careful while crossing the frozen streams.  We hike to Ramche pasing the moraines of Yalung glacier into an ablation valley, we ascend towards Ramche. We also come across a lake and a meadow where we can spot the blue sheep grazing on the grassy hills. We will visit the small monastery in Ramche, in the evening. Overnight in Ramche.

Day 18
Explore to Yalung Base Camp (4500 m) 6 — 7 hours

Explore to Yalung Base Camp (4500 m) 6 — 7 hours
Today we head to Yalung Base Camp and Kanchenjunga south base camp,  we leave many of the things at the hotel and just carry some energy bars, warm and windproof jackets & enough water to drink (may be 2 litre).  We walk through rocky loose path following stream and ascend through Mani Walls (carved stones with Buddhist prayers),  we slowly climb to the flagged cairn, the view of Yalung glacier lake, Rathong (6682m) and Kabru range (7412m) and the south face of Kangchenjunga (8598m) and Jannu (7710m) looks quite amazing, it may look shapeless and foreshortened but undeniably massive loom at the head of the valley. Few houses which are built on this area but architecturally not a good idea to define well built but in good shape, mainly used in the purpose of lodges, rarely used.  We can also see herds of blue sheep over the cliffs from our campsite.  After our hike we come down to Ramche.  Overnight in Ramche

Day 19
Trek from Ramche to Tortong (2995 m) 5 hours

Today we retrace back the same trail, we trek towards Anda Phedi enjoying the view of different mountain ranges and herds of blue sheep over the grassy slope. Descending through the moraines of Yalung Glacier, we walk past Lapsang and Tseram to arrive in Anda Phedi. We descend towards Tortong through the densely forested path filled with rhododendrons and bushes. We also cross few streams, Chortens, monasteries, ponds, and waterfalls on our way to Tortong. Overnight at Lodge.

Day 20
Trek from Tortong to Yamphudim (2080 m) 5 — 6 hours (Exit point from restricted area)

Our trek descends to the Amji Khola then we cross Lasiya Bhanjyang (3310m) and Dhupi Bhanjyang (2620m), we descend towards Yamphudim. Yamphudin is a settlement with mixed ehthenic group of Sherpa, Rai, Limbu, and Gurung,  where you can witness the people living in peace & harmony despite the difference in culture. Overnight in Yamphudim.

Day 21
Trek from Yamphudim to Khebang (1915 m) 5 -6 hours

Leaving behind the village of Yamphudim, we trek down to lower altitude today, the alpine heights the terraced fields, peaceful villages and vivid colors of the lower ranges makes our hike relaxing and also makes us realize that our trip slowly comes to the end.  we descend towards Khebang passing through valleys, waterfalls, and forest area. Crossing suspension bridges over several streams, we walk past small settlements alongside Kabeli Khola to arrive in Khebang. Overnight in Khebang.

Day 22
Trek from Khebang to Hapukhola (Khanindingbe) (1915 m)  5-6 hrs

It’s the last day of the trek, we trek through several settlement mainly dominated by Limbu’s, we also pass by farmland and pastures.  As we hike through Limbu villages and a steady patchwork of farmland and pastures, the smiling and welcoming faces of the locals with generous greetings overwhelm our trip.  When we arrive at the camp, we have some time to relax and recall on the journey that we have made it happen through one of the remote area of Nepal

Day 23
Drive Khanidingbe to Birtamod by jeep

After days of walk we now take a drive to Birtamod, which can be a long and tiring drive, despite all the difficulty we can still enjoy the view of green hills, snow-capped mountains, rivers, and daily activities of the locals throughout the journey. Overnight in Birtamod.

Day 24
Morning drive to Bhadrapur airport and flight back to Kathmandu.

Depending upon our flight time we drive to Bhadrapur airport to catch a flight back to Kathmandu.  On our way back to Kathmandu we still have the chance to enjoy the aerial view of the mountains, we arrive in Kathmandu. After landing, we transfer you to the hotel. Overnight at a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu.

Day 25
Final departure to the International airport

Even though it’s hard to say good bye we remain and await your trek back to Nepal.  We drop you at the Tribhuvan International Airport for your journey to the next destination.

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Kanchenjung Yalung Glacier (Lodge Trek)