Rara Lake

3 Days

Itinerary for RARA tour by Air:

Day 01: Morning flight 11am from Nepalgunj To Talcha ( Rara) flight the flight time 40-42 min from Nepalgunj, after flight Lunch at Talcha Airport, drive to milli chour 25min then 45min to 1hrs walking to reach Rara Lake, Overnight at Rara Lake, Danfe Hotel Near Of Rara Lake

Day 02: Early morning wake up 05:00 for sunrise view point exit point of Rara Lake, back to hotel for B/F after heading to Boating ,back to hotel for Lunch, then starting for hiking Murma Top 3.5hrs up and down, back to hotel overnight at Rara Lake, Rara Lake or Airport

Day 03: Morning B/F then back to Millichour for Jeep then reach Talcha Airport, if flight is earlier then Lunch at Nepalgunj otherwise lunch at Talcha airport, after flight to Nepalgunj, Home sweet home.

Majestic Rara Tour

About Rara Lake:

Rara Lake lies in the in the lap of Himalaya in Nepal at an altitude of 2,990 m (8910 ft.) above sea level.  The depth of the lake is 165 m. and it is expanded in the length of 5.1 K.m and in the width of 2.5 Km. .  The source to the lakes water is from the Mugu Karnali River, it drains out the Nijar River.  Rara Lake is within the Rara National Park.

Rara has been fascinating many visitors since decades due to lack of convenient road and transportation only very few people have made it to the Rara Lake till the date.  The journey to Rara in the past was possible only by taking flights to Jumla from Kathmandu or nearer Nepalgunj.  One can set the mind to have smooth road journey to reach Rara Lake.  The Journey to Rara Lake itself is a learning for the visitors in terms of varied culture and social norms.  Upon starting the journey one might start thinking that how people make it to live in this type of place.  Situated in high altitude, you can find the lake surrounded by pine, spruce and juniper forest. The view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks enhance the attraction.

Rara is in Mugu district where one can find 500 varieties of flowers, 20 different species of animals and 214 different kind of birds, which might not be possible to cover see with in few days.  Rara is such a destination which should be visited more often and suites the proverb once is not enough.

Homestay logistic facility can be one of the option to overnight around Rara Lake otherwise tented camp and few hotels which have opened up these days to facilitate the visitors.

Boating, Photographic tour, bicycling tour short hike to Murma Hill offers the view of more than 12 district of Nepal as well as Tibetan platue.

The nearest doorway to Rara is through Nepalgunj, the distance from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj is 523 K.m., which can be covered with in one day of drive.

A travel writer describes his trek to Rara:

Although more trampled than in the past, the road to Rara Lake is still without any of the comfortable services available along more popular trails. Logistically it is not an easy trek; it is hard to get to and from, and it is an organizational challenge, requiring informed guides and porters to tote the two weeks’ worth of material that will keep you warm, dry and fed. It is also tough on the bones, involving several 11,000-foot passes. However, once you overcome the obstacles, the rewards are legion: few if any other trekkers, incomparable natural splendor, “untouched” villages, and blissful quiet

Rara Lake as described by GORP founder Bill Greer: “a shimmering blue jewel set in a ring of snowy peaks”.

Trekkers are recommended to bring their own first aid kit due to the lack of health services around the area. Since there are no accommodation facilities they may need help from a travel agency. Trekkers need to be self-sufficient as the facilities are not adequate.

Rara Lake as described by Mark Drett:

“Since the interval of 10 years, I visited again. Before 10 years, we needed to walk 19 days to get there but that has been reduced to 10 hours of gravel road and 4 hours of walk. Not expected but great change. When you get there, you will get the reward for 4 hour long walk.”

Rara can be the next major place for tourists to visit. During 1997 “1998 the number of tourists visiting to this place was found to be 560, but in 2007 it decreased to 87 individuals. Rara Festival was conducted by the Nepal Tourism Board in early 2007 to promote domestic and international visit.

Why Visit Rara ?: Karnali is one of the backward district in Nepal.Tourism is one of the major factor that can be a turning point for boosting the economy of any area.  We strongly believe that we are the change for anything in the society.  In future the population of Karnali should not have to starve for pennies, our main motive to organize this event is to make people of Surkhet, Mugu-Karnali to be self-dependent and learn how they can earn when they serve hospitality.  Almost untouched area in terms of tourism, we through this program expect to increase the sustainable tourism and expand the area of the peoples income option.


Embarking on a journey to the pristine Rara Lake, nestled amidst the tranquil environs of Nepalgunj, is an experience that's sure to leave you spellbound. Hop aboard the morning flight at 11 am, and in just 40-42 minutes, you'll find yourself at Talcha Airport. After relishing a sumptuous lunch at the airport, take a leisurely 25-minute drive to Millichour, followed by a 45-minute to 1-hour walk to reach the ethereal Rara Lake, where you'll be spending the night at the Danfe Hotel.

As the sun rises, so should you! Set your alarm for 5 am and make your way to the exit point of Rara Lake to witness a breathtaking sunrise. Head back to the hotel for a hearty breakfast, and then gear up for a day of boating and hiking. After lunch, embark on a thrilling 3.5-hour hike up and down Murma Top, before retiring for the night at the Danfe Hotel, with the tranquil waters of Rara Lake lulling you to sleep.

Wake up to a scrumptious breakfast, and then make your way back to Millichour to board a jeep that'll take you to Talcha Airport. If your flight is early, you can relish a delectable lunch at Nepalgunj, else, treat yourself to a lip-smacking meal at Talcha Airport before boarding your flight back home.

In a nutshell, the trip to Rara Lake is an experience that promises to satiate your wanderlust, leaving you with memories that'll last a lifetime!


  • 1. Domestic Airfare from Nepalgunj to Rara Round Trip
  • 2. Hotel rooms 3 in sheering basic
  • 3. Talcha Airport transportation by Jeep
  • 4. National Park entry fee,
  • 5. One guide from Nepalgunj to Rara during whole trip
  • 6. Rara and Talcha only provide boiling water, for drinking purpose
  • 7. Meal for Veg /N Veg Buffet system ( Nepali Thali) during stay Rara
  • 8. B/F ( Rara and Talcha , local wed roti, or chapatti, or pan cake/ veg grevy, Omlat or boiled egg hot drinks, tea or herbs tea, seasonal fruits or can juice.)

Cost Excludes

  • 1. Nepalgunj First arrival Transportation to hotel
  • 2. Porter during Rara Tour period.
  • 3. Restaurant and hard beverages ( hard drinks, and soft , coke, fanta, pepsi , milk etc, out of the itinerary package)
  • 4. If flight will be canceled due to weather and technical conditions at that conditions supplementary cost.
  • 5. Travel insurance, Emergency evacuated , rescue , charter cost,
  • 6. Medical health coverage.

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Rara Lake