Kailash Manasharovar

10 Days
Kailash Manasharovar- Journey of soul

Now, you have the opportunity to embark on a budget-friendly Mount Kailash tour through an overland route, thanks to the opening of the Kerung border for immigration between Nepal and Tibet. We invite you to join our fixed departure group tour to Kailash, offering an affordable and dependable option for your journey. This tour is designed for small groups and operates from April to October, the ideal season for visiting Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar. The itinerary spans 9 nights and 10 days, starting and concluding in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Tour Cost

The cost of a Mount Kailash tour is relatively higher compared to other tours and treks. However, we strive to make it more affordable by organizing small groups and pooling individuals together. It’s important to note that there are certain nationalities who may face challenges in obtaining Tibet/Kailash travel permits and visas, as the rules and regulations in Tibet can be subject to sudden changes without prior notice. Rest assured, Nepal Highland Treks takes care of all the necessary permits and visa procedures on your behalf. The process typically takes around a month, which means we need to apply for the Tibetan travel permit with your passport copy a month in advance. Additionally, it takes approximately three working days in Kathmandu, with your original passport, to obtain the final visa from the Chinese Embassy.

10 Days Kailash Manasharovar Tour

Departure from Kathmandu to Rasuwagadhi (Timmure)
Embark on a scenic 7-hour drive (152km) from Kathmandu to Rasuwagadhi (2500m). Enjoy meals throughout the journey (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

After breakfast, complete immigration and customs procedures on both the Nepal and China sides. Proceed with a drive to the charming town of Kerung (26km). Overnight stay at a hotel in Kerung (3700m). Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

After breakfast, continue the journey towards Sanga, covering a distance of 250km (4500m). Experience breathtaking views of Mount Shishapangma (8021m high), Gauri Shankar, and other majestic peaks from Gurungng-La Pass (5050m high) in Sanga. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Drive approximately 385km to reach Lake Manasarovar (4500m). This day holds great significance as it offers the first glimpse of the holy Lake Manasarovar and a view of Mount Kailash from Horchu Pass. Overnight stay at Chhu Gompa Lodge, located on the shore of Lake Manasarovar. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Engage in puja (religious rituals), havana (ritual fire), meditation, and a holy bath. In the afternoon, drive 30km to reach Darchen (4560m), a place considered the abode of gods. Overnight stay at a new hotel. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Embark on an 18km trek from Darchen to Derapuk. The Kora (circuit) begins with a 10km drive to Tarboche, followed by approximately 4-5 hours of trekking to Derapuk (4890m). Overnight stay at a guest house. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Continue the trek to Zuthulphuk (4790m) covering a distance of 22km. Expect a challenging journey of approximately 8-10 hours. This day is often considered the most difficult part of the pilgrimage. Trek up to Dolma La pass (5600m) and offer prayers before moving towards Gaurikunda. Overnight stay at a guest house in Zuthulphuk. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Trek approximately 8km from Zuthulphuk to reach the point where jeeps will be waiting. Drive to Darchen, marking the end of the parikrama (circuit). After lunch, continue the drive to Sanga via Manasarovar Horchu. Overnight stay at a hotel. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Drive back to Kerung. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

Return to Kathmandu from Kerung and transfer to the hotel. Meals provided (Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner).

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Kailash Manasharovar