The Remarkable Journey of Rashmila Shakya: From Living Goddess to Cultural Trailblazer

Rashmila Shakya has led a fascinating life journey, from her childhood role as a revered Kumari or “living goddess” in Nepal to becoming a technology professional and pioneering cultural ambassador.

As a young girl, Ms. Shakya went through the sacred selection process to become a Kumari, taking on the heavy responsibilities of this Hindu and Buddhist role. She underwent daily rituals and blessings as the living embodiment of the goddess Taleju. Upon retirement from her divinity at adolescence, she demonstrated great courage and resilience in transitioning back into normal society.

Seeking to adjust and find new purpose, Ms. Shakya pursued higher education and obtained a Master’s degree in Information Technology, displaying impressive determination. She chronicled her unique experiences in an insightful memoir titled “From Goddess to Mortal” 2005, published before becoming affiliated with International Adventures Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd.

Ms. Shakya has served as the company’s Culture and Religion Ambassador since 2004. Prior to allowing an exclusive interview about her time as Kumari to a journalist group from the company, she established herself as an author shedding light on the customs, myths, and challenges surrounding the Kumari tradition.

Today, the multi-talented IT professional, author, and trailblazing cultural ambassador is happily married with one son. As the first former living goddess to take on such a public role, she remains a bridge between tradition and modernity. Ms. Shakya continues to promote cultural appreciation worldwide through her diverse pursuits.

With her illustrious background and remarkable life path, Ms. Shakya represents an insightful voice on religion, women’s issues, and the evolution of Nepali society. She exemplifies both the richness of Nepal’s heritage and the potential for positive change.