Emma Pariyar: Pioneering Tourism Growth in Nepal

Emma Pariyar, originally from the Philippines, married Nepali native Harka Raj Pariyar and quickly became a trailblazer in the country’s tourism industry. Along with her husband and German business partner Peter Schneider, Emma helped establish International Adventures Treks and Expeditions in a joint venture with Sagarmatha Trekking.

Leveraging her hospitality expertise from Hotel Karma, Emma adeptly managed the fledgling company’s daily operations while juggling family obligations. Her tireless work ethic established the foundation for growth.

In 2006, Emma spearheaded a monumental achievement – organizing the inaugural Filipino Everest Expedition to Nepal. This pioneering trip sparked a wave of Philippine tourism that remains strong today. Emma also successfully tapped into the American market, further expanding International Adventures’ global footprint.

But Emma was just getting started. In 2007, she arranged the first-ever all-Filipino women’s team to summit Mount Everest, generating invaluable exposure for Nepal.

Through her bold vision and pioneering marketing, Emma has played an integral role in cultivating Nepal’s tourism industry. She continues to attract visitors from around the world by highlighting Nepal’s unique majesty. Thanks to trailblazers like Emma Pariyar, Nepal’s beauty and culture touch more lives than ever before.