Trekking in Nepal

Very few countries in the world can offer as many varieties of adventure tourism packages as Nepal. Of the 14 peaks above 8000 meters in the world, eight are located in Nepal. Trekking is the best way to get to interesting and remote mountain villages of Nepal and to enjoy views of the famous peaks together with lifestyle untouched with modern civilization. At the same time, Nepal proffers an incomparable scope to the scholars and connoisseurs of art and culture to see and study the different aspects of the fine arts be it painting, sculpture, wood carving or architecture. Kathmandu valley possesses several historical monuments, old palaces and Palace Square, shrines and temples, ageless traditions and legends all make it a living museum that any visitor would cherish its vivid memory in his/her heart forever. Nepal is connected by a direct flight from Dubai by Royal Nepal Airlines, from Doha by Qatar Airways, from Bangkok by Thai Airways, from Abu Dhabi by Gulf Air, Vienna by Austrian Air, from Singapore by Singapore Airlines, from Hong Kong by Royal Nepal Airlines and from Major cities in India by Royal Nepal Airlines and also by Indian Airlines.So, dear adventures, make Nepal and the Himalayan countries your holiday destination and let International Adventures Treks & Expeditions take care of the rest for an exciting and a memorable holiday.