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Capture One 23 is a professional Lightroom rival that offers a step up in both image quality and editing tools, and supports a greater variety of professional workflows.

The RAW processing is excellent, the editing tools are powerful and the new Cull view, layered Styles and improved Variant handling alone make the upgrade look worth it. Capture One 23 is an all-in-one image capture, organising and editing program aimed mainly at capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free photographers. As well as a selection of new features listed below, Capture One 23 also comes with a free but limited version of Capture One Live, which is an additional paid-for service that allows for remote collaboration between photographers, clients and other stakeholders.

The free version allows a single session at a time lasting no more than 24 hours, but that may be enough on its own — or may give you an idea about the usefulness of the full version. There is also a Capture One for iPad, sold separately, which I have not tested yet.

Capture One 23 is available both for a single one-off fee or on subscription. Capture One 23 brings a number of significant improvements. The Smart Adjustments feature looks interesting too, especially for wedding or event photographers, for example, who are shooting under rapidly changing conditions. The ability to save layers in Styles is new too. But perhaps my favorite new feature in Capture One 23 is the way Variants can now be separated and stored in different albums.

At last! Capture One can work either in Session mode or Catalog mode. This is where the new Capture One Live feature is likely to prove especially valuable. You can use a Session as a simple image browsing tool for your whole library. One of the complaints about database applications like Lightroom is the need to import images first and then keep the catalog synchronised with your image folders.

Otherwise, you use Capture One Catalogs. Here, you import your images into кажется download vpn client for windows 10 отказалась catalog in the way that you do in Lightroom. You can then rate your images and apply colour labels, add keywords and work with other metadata.

You can sort and filter images and you can create Albums or Smart Albums based on search criteria. You can also apply perspective corrections for both horizontal and vertical keystone effects.

Capture One offers automatic vertical, horizontal and combined keystone correction, just like Lightroom, plus a Skew slider to correct skew effects that regular keystone corrections sometimes leave behind. Capture One has a formidable array of adjustments. Lightroom is better than it capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free to be at handling Fujifilm X-Trans files, but Capture One is still out on its own. Capture One has a deceptively simple-looking High Dynamic Range panel for highly effective shadow and highlight recovery.

This has always worked really well, and the additional White and Black sliders help restore a full range of tones and rich contrast after shadow and highlight recovery. The color editor is particularly effective. There are also powerful Color Balance and Color Editor tools for applying complex and effective colour shifts.

These are used extensively in the Styles and Presets built into the program and available separately from the Phase One website and others. Styles are combinations of image adjustments which can be applied with a single click, while Presets are adjustments made with a single основываясь на этих данных. You can create, save and re-use both types yourself. As long as the external editor is able to operate as a standalone single image editor, it should work.

Photoshop is supported, but also any program that can work as a standalone app, such as Exposure X7the DxO Nik Collection plug-ins which do work as standalone applicationsAffinity Photo and more. You may not need external editing tools very often, though, because Capture One has its own — including powerful layers-based local adjustment tools, including Magic Brush and Style Brush features.

The Magic Brush tool is very simple to use — you just drag it over a range of tones you want to select and Capture One will then automatically extend and mask the selection to similar tones. You can control the masking tolerance, the edge refinement and more, and the brush is additive, so if capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free miss a bit you can just brush over it to add it.

The Magic Brush creates a new, masked adjustment layer, ready for you to make any adjustments you like. The new Style Brush does capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free, as you might imagine, paint Capture One Styles over areas of the image. You choose an enhancement and then paint over the areas you want to enhance. Again, there are a wide range of brush controls, and what you get is a masked adjustment layer which you can go back to at any time to re-adjust.

You can create linear or radial gradient masks or use a freehand brush tool with or capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free an Auto Mask feature. Once a mask is created, you can use a Feather Mask command to soften the edges or the Refine Edge command to clean up outlines. You can also swap to a Grey Scale Mask display to check for holes or untidy edges in your masks.

It works well with no user input, though depending on your lenses and capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free, you may need to adobe cc after effects free some basic distortion and vignetting correction first.

As well as this RAW processing quality, Capture One also has an extremely powerful set of editing tools for both global adjustments and local adjustments, and local adjustments are handled with a very effective and easy to grasp layers system. Capture One is more like Photoshop than Lightroom is!

Capture One will definitely appeal to professionals, but perhaps advanced amateurs and enthusiasts too. It has a highly customisable single-window interface without the more clumsy module-based workflow of Lightroom Classic.

The editing tools are both powerful and extremely effective, especially the layer and mask based approach to local adjustments. Capture One 23 is not cheap. Instead, it is designed to be effective, efficient and capable of the best professional quality output, and it succeeds at all three. For quality-conscious RAW photographers who prefer to stick to a computer-based rather than a cloud-based workflow, it makes all the rest look second best.

Its sessions are ideal for pro photographer capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free workflows, and its catalogs are perfect for longer term image management. Life after Photoshop is owned and run by photographer and journalist Rod Lawton. Rod has been a photography journalist ссылка nearly 40 years, starting out in film obviously but then migrating capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free digital.

He has worked as a freelance journalist, technique editor and channel editor, and is now Group Reviews Editor on Digital Camera World. Life after Photoshop is a personal project started in Summary Capture One 23 is a professional Lightroom rival that offers a step up узнать больше both image quality and editing tools, and supports a greater variety of professional workflows.

Get Capture One. What is Capture One 23? We use cookies приведенная ссылка ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If capture one pro 12 vs luminar 3 free continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.


12 Best Adobe Lightroom Alternatives in [FREE & Paid]

I use Lightroom to perform the basic edits, and finish the image in Photoshop to make the final local adjustments. We’ve combed through the options and selected our two favorite cameras in this class. HDR images can also look quite garish and unrealistic, depending on the processing used, and as previously mentioned, requires specialist software to line up and overlay the images, and then merge them into one correctly exposed image. Nowadays there exists powerful photo editing software to help us get the most out of our digital images. So if you want to stay up to date with the latest features, you often have to pay anyway.


Capture One Pro Review | Image Editing Software.Capture One Pro Review | Image Editing Software


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